Welcome To The Himalaya

The highest mountain system on Earth, Himalaya means The House of SnowIt consists of many parallel mountain ranges which are popularly viewed from Sarangkot.   Sarangkot has always been home to a traditional spiritual village with its array of tourist enterprise.

Sarangkot itself sits above the Pokhara Valley on the Pokhara Valley Rim.  In fact the highest point of the rim directly atop Pokhara City, and directly adjacent to the majestic Annapurna Mountain Range.

Because of it views and it’s accessibility Pokhara & Sarangkot are Nepal’s most sought after destinations for Himalayan mountain viewing.  They are located in the Mid-Western region of NEPAL 200 kilometres from Kathmandu.   Travel from Kathmandu is 6 very scenic hours by national highway, or 25 minutes by small air.

Officially, this whole district is named Gandaki, meaning The Water District.   The Gandaki District lands are crossed here and there by many mighty rivers flowing south out of the Himalayan mountain ranges as their snows melt throughout the year.