Here’s why Superview

Here’s why Superview

Pokhara is a paradise city as it has fragments of everything: rivers to kayak, hills to hike, lakes to boat, mountains to regard, sunrises to photograph and most of all, people to smilingly help. Standing atop this jewel city is Sarangkot, the acme of the destination. 

Sarangkot is situated on the lap of the Annapurna, thus making it a perfect vantage to enjoy the sunrise striking on the snowy mountains with its first golden beam of rays. It is nestled in the tranquility of the woods and knitted to the neighboring local villages. Sarangkot is such a place whose pulchritude and ever blowing fresh hilly air rejuvenates your self.  It is that place where you need to start if you have freshly fallen in love with the Himalayas or if you haven’t. 

Sarangkot has much more to offer. It is close enough to Pokhara that makes it possible to either paraglide down to the city or take a 30 minute taxi to sightsee what the city has to offer and return to Sarangkot to end your hectic day. Here, you will sleep in glimmering city view and wake up with the sunrise. It is a fantasy come true. Making all this possible for you is Superview Lodge.   

Superview Lodge is the oldest, family run guest house in the historic village of Sarangkot. Established in 1994 as a teahouse serving trekkers heading into the Himalayas, we continue to serve you.

Even today Superview Lodge is the best-rated guesthouse situated on the western rim to Pokhara valley. It is an incredible vantage point to rejoice the glory of Sarangkot. With the care and detailed attention put in by your experienced host, what you have to worry about? Nothing!